An aspiring gladiator. A crumbling empire. Zero decent coffee.

This young warrior is in a whole heap of trouble, but he'll soldier on -- for the glory of Rome! -- as soon as someone will tell him where to find the arena.

Bad Gladiator is a hilarious new audio drama for fans of shows like Futurama, Archer, or The Simpsons. You know our actors from shows like The Detour, Sleepy Hollow, The Resident, Rectify, major TV networks, movies, award-winning theatre and now even podcasts!

"Bad Gladiator is an uproarious sitcom set in ancient Rome, with just the right amount of anachronism." — Elena Fern├índez-Collins, Bello Collective

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Meet the Cast

These people are unbelievably talented and a dream to work with. The Bad Gladiator team demands that you hire them immediately.

Leanna Adams

Leanna plays Domitia as well as assorted crowd members, guards, and whatnot. More about Leanna on IMDB...

Rob Lawhon

Rob plays Magnus and assorted other roles. More about Rob on IMDB...

Lauren Schmuck

Lauren plays Claudia and assorted roles. More about Lauren on IMDB...

Jim Hodgson

Jim is your writer (among others), and director. He plays Atticus and assorted roles. More about Jim at